Our Story

In light of the changing social and economic climate, it has become increasingly difficult to implement effective programs to suit the needs of all students. Despite numerous processes available to measure the performance of students, the main focus has been on academic performance while neglecting the other dimensions of learning.

By harnessing learning data, we will be able to provide valuable insights for both learners and educators in order to assist them in making well-informed decisions. These will be readily available to offer learners the best possible experience – a personalised learning assessment that caters to the needs of different students.

Our analytical tools analyse the correlation between behaviours and performances of students, through the use of Artificial Intelligence technology. By tapping into our deep analytic capabilities, we help to maximise learning outcomes by measuring key performance indicators and recommending directed strategies to sharpen student’s learning capability.


To equip every learning institution globally with education analytics that help profile, diagnose, predict and prescribe learning strategies using Artificial Intelligence (AI).


We will challenge conventional thinking and help advance new models of learning using analytics. We will create and deliver the technology and services solutions that change the way education is delivered and experienced.

How are we Different

As a unique solution provider focusing on Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) based solutions, we believe in leveraging the power of A.I. technology. This enables personalised learning, which respond to the individual needs of students. Our analytical A.I. capabilities will expedite adaptive learning, and create a customised learning experience for learners worldwide. We are one of a kind in impacting education through technology.