Welcome To The New Era Of Educational Technology!

EdNarrator is introducing natural language generation (NLG) to transform the educational data into meaningful narratives. Instead of analysing, interpreting and communicating insights to educators manually, parents and teaching institutions and our intelligent system EdNarrator does it automatically.


EdNarrator specialises in analysing education using proprietary artificial intelligence (A.I.) technology. We believe in harnessing the power of data to transform educational insights, to add values to parents, learners and educators.


We ensure that there are comprehensive reports well furnished with immaculate measurements and customised decision making. These will help educational institutions make comprehensive learning roadmaps and intervention Ednarrator available, to figure out the unidentified needs of individual learners.


To develop an effective view for learning institutions, to make informed decisions and transform the way we learn.

EdNarrator Provides Solutions To Wide Range Of Users

Powered by A.I.-based analytical technology

More efficient methods to evaluate and monitor learners’ performances

Powerful analysis on overall aspect of mental health and personal growth

Observing and improving learners’ emotive learning aspect

Closing gaps between future employers’ expectations and employees’ skills

See How EdNarrator Able To Discover Hidden Talents And Insights About A Student’s Performance

Early Childhood

If a child is facing challenges such as difficulties in remembering facts and formulas, EdNarrator reports will help you solve the problems that you are facing in dealing with underachieving results across all levels and subjects.

Primary and Secondary Students

How many profitable hours do educators spend updating parents about students performance rather than focusing more on creating human interactions with learners.? EdNarrator enlightens the educators’ time-consuming tasks to prepare performance updates to parents.


Due to the economic uncertainty, recent graduates are likely to be unemployed. Do not be one of them. Get yourself ready with EdNarrator reports before it is too late! EdNarrator reports will help you monitor your progress with automatic generated career roadmap that will improve your career readiness.

Young Working Adults and Graduates

Are you stuck in your job? Do you wish to expand your career to achieve your dreams? EdNarrator Life report can be used to monitor your job progression, addressing your gaps and increasing your motivation in a view to achieve your goals.

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